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FECO is actually an acronym. It stands for Full Extract Canna Oil. It is sometimes mistaken for RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), but FECO is very different and very superior.


FECO's claim to fame is that it is a concentrated, whole-plant extract. When you use it, you get a wide array of beneficial molecules and terpenes. And while FECO works well recreationally, it is mostly known for its medical properties and medical potential. 


It is best when you ingest FECO orally instead of smoking it. You can place a drop of the oil directly into your mouth from the syringe or even use the syringe to put FECO into your food or drink. With either of these methods, though, be sure not to take too much: even a small dose of FECO is highly-potent!


If you don't like the natural oil form of FECO, you can also mix it with coconut oil for a better taste or add it into your own gel capsules.


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